faith without works is dead.

So you posted that black square on Instagram, you listened to some Podcasts, and watched a couple of videos. You're changing your mindset and speaking up in your spaces. But how can you make that into more TANGIBLE change.

One of the most economically valuable things you could do is support Black owned businesses. An amazing friend of ours, Salma Khidir has put together this list of businesses for you to engage can download it here.


In addition, as we mentioned this website is just the start of your re education. But lucky for you an amazing Instagram post was created by @musocore that details some great key search terms you can use for Google to start your next part of your anti racist journey.

If you want to speak to the children in your life about racism - and you should. Here is a great article with tonnes of resources for kids.

Do the Project Implicit Test to understand your own biases, so you can tackle them.

Read this article from Gal-Dem if you can't protest

Please, don't post videos of police brutality, read why here. Please don't  post photos of other protesters, and please don't make this about your voice. This isn't about you.

Below are things you can do that will help the people at Grassroots level to make the changes we need to.

In America

If you need an American Zipcode to sign any of these petitions click here 

Also please remember not to donate to as the donations go to them.

Here is a list of the petitions for the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can also go to and search petitions to sign

Here is another list of educational resources the BLM movement has compiled.

This is website where you can donate to multiple organisations that are fighting against racism and police brutality in America.

You can also volunteer for the Grassroots Law Project. These are the people who fight for change in courts across America.

what about in the uk?

Support UK Black Businesses! Here is a Twitter thread of a few

Below I have listed certain petitions but you can search the Government Website for relevant ones by clicking here

You can also find local petitions by clicking here

One of the most actionable things that could happen in the UK would be the incorporation of Black History throughout the curriculum - you can find our more about that here 

Or just get straight to it by emailing this template to Gavin Williamson 

Sign this petition to get Afro Hair Education added to the Hairdressing NVQ 

Black Lives Matter. What Next? This organisation is holding brands accountable who posted a black square on #BlackoutTuesday. You can fill out their form if you know an organisation who should be taking action!

Nadini Mitra has put together this INCREDIBLE Google Doc that has an extensive list of petitions you sign and funds you can donate to.

One of the more imperative things you can do right now is sign this petition for Justice for Belly Mujinga

Send this email template to your local MP,  it's been created to take Parliamentary action in the following areas 

  • Launching enquiries into racism in the UK police

  • Racial Equality

  • Fair racial representation in education syllabuses

  • Looking into racist structure in the UK

  • Asks the MP what specific action they are going to take 

In addition, if you are protesting in the UK, here is some advice from the Green and Black cross.

Here is also a list of Anti Racist Organisations in the UK

Finally here is an example of speaking up, in case you needed one.