London police twice as likely to fine black people over lockdown breaches

Friday June 5th 2020

The Met (London’s Police Force and England’s largest Police Force) are facing claims that they are yet again bias, after a recent study commissioned by The Guardian showed that officers enforcing the coronavirus lockdown were more than twice as likely to issue fines to black people as to white people.


The Met, issued 973 fines between 27 March and 14 May. White people, who make up 59% of London’s population, received 444 fines, or 46% of the total; black people, who make up 12% of London’s population, received 253 fines, or 26%. Asian people, who make up 18% of London’s population, received 23% of the fines.


Dr Krisztián Pósch, a lecturer in crime science at University College London, said “Compared to their share of the population, people from a black ethnic minority were 2.17 times more likely to receive a fine and Asians around 26% more likely. In comparison, whites were 23% less likely to be fined.”


In addition, there was disproportionality in the number of arrests made for alleged breaches of Covid-19 lockdown rules. White people were under-represented, making up 38% of arrests, while black people were over-represented, making up 31% of arrests.


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