Police Brutality and Systemic Racism IS a UK problem too.

thursday June 4th 2020

Yes, the numbers of deaths caused by Police in the UK are a lot less, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t part of the problem.


It should be known that here in the UK we actually disproportionately convict black men, more than our friends across the pond. In 2017, the Lammy Review showed that although black people are around 3% of the population in England and Wales, they currently make up 12% of our prison population. This percentage of black people in Britain who are in prison is actually higher than the corresponding figure in the US. 


In addition to this, the last time a police officer was successfully prosecuted in the UK concerning the death of somebody in custody was in 1969. 


This rhetoric is weaved deep into our British tapestry, after all Britain was the one who industrialised black enslavement in the Caribbean, as well as other harrowing history events, we don’t hear about. 


And now here we are, we have a Minister for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch. And whilst, she is a Black woman and we could have every hope she would incite change, she is also the same woman who claims to not recognise institutional racism


So, yes it is a problem here too and if you want to look into that further, read this article from Kojo Koram and this one from Afua Hirsch