there's a time to speak up and a time to listen.

Whilst it's important we use our voice to speak up when things are not right, it's equally, if not more important to stop and listen. These Podcasts are a place to start. 

This first list comes from and it is MORE specific to the Black British Experience

(THOUGH we've added a couple others in too) 



  1. Ghetts on black British artists, gang violence & the evolution of grime

  2. George The Poet on youth violence, representations and limitations of government

  3. Munroe Bergdorf on racism, trans activism and acceptance




Black British History – Series


Britain's Colonial Past & Legacy – Episodes & Audio Documentaries


Windrush – Episodes

In 2018, the Home Office wrongly deported at least 83 people from the UK. Many more were unlawfully detained, threatened with deportation, and denied legal rights. The below episodes highlight the devastation caused by the Windrush Scandal up to this point, as well as the continued impact the UK government’s actions has on Black families across the country.



Additional Episodes



Self-care, career, finance – these podcasts about daily life as a Black person in the UK are as much about joy as they are the struggles faced and trials overcome.


Pop Culture

Popular culture through a Black lens, featuring interviews with creators, in-depth analysis, and recommendations for your Watch/Read/Listen List.

The next few podcasts are in reference to the african american experienceIN PARTICULAR

Podcasts/Specific Podcast Episodes


in addition here is the black lives matter spotify playlist featuring iconic black musicians

and here is the we shall overcome spotify playlist featuring monologues from angela davies and mlk to name a few